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7" ID DuraTech


2100 Degree HT 7" DuraTech Chimney System

7" DuraTech Chimney is designed for appliances that are tested and listed for use with a 2100°F HT chimney system, such as wood stoves, fireplaces, furnaces, boilers, stoves, ranges, water heaters, or other appliances fueled by wood, oil, coal, or gas. 7" DuraTech Chimney is tested to UL test procedures 103HT 2100°F and listed under UL re-examination service number MH 7399. 7" DuraTech Chimney is available in stainless steel (SS) outer-casing and stainless steel inner-liner with twist-lock connections.

To calculate installed length of 7" DuraTech chimney, subtract 1 1/4" from each joint overlap of chimney pipe. Important: Allow a minimum of 2-inch air space to combustibles when installing DuraTech chimney.

  • 0.015" 430 stainless steel outer wall.
  • .020" 430 stainless steel inner-liner (25% thicker than competitive chimneys for an extra margin of safety.)
  • Twist-lock end rings provide for ease of assembly.
  • Precision tooled end ring design seals the insulation chamber to prevent water and creosote from soaking into the insulation.

    Now FULLY warranted to the Internet purchaser by Hart's Hearth Inc.!!
    (read more below)

    Note: DuraVent decided to drop all warranties for those who bought DuraTech off the internet. Most of our customers are quite compitent DIYers and we think they deserve a warranty too. M&G DuraVent requires us to place the following statement on our site:

  • " M&G DuraVent provides no warranty for the following professional products if such products are not installed by a trained professional installer: DuraTech®, DuraPlus HTC®, DuraChimney® II, PelletVent Pro®, DirectVent Pro®, FasNSeal®, FasNSeal® W2, FasNSeal® Flex, and PolyPro®, and M&G DuraVent's relining products including DuraLiner®, DuraFlex® (SW, Pro, 316, 304), and Ventinox®."
    We feel having a warranty on the products we sell on our site is VERY IMPORANT, so we have dropped DuraTech as our Top Choice. Our Top Choice is now Ventis.

    BUT NOW....DuraTech IS FULLY warranted to the Internet purchaser by Hart's Hearth Inc.!!!

    That's right, Hart's Hearth now picks up the warranty where Duravent has failed to provide one, to you, the Do-It-Yourselfer! NO ONE ELSE on the Internet will provide a warranty for DuraTech Purchases made on the internet, only us here at Hart's Hearth Inc. will provide you a warranty. We provide the same LifetimeWarranty as DuraVent provides for professional installations except for coal burning applications. Have questions about this warranty? Go to our Support Form and ask, we will return an answer within 72 hours.

  • Read More About DuraTech on our DuraTech Page
  • Check out our Typical Chimney Installation Diagramsto get an idea how Class-A chimney is installed and download 5" to 8" installation instructions (1.06 mb PDF) to familiarize yourself installing a DuraTech Chimney.

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    Product Note: All "Special Order" items have a 2 week lead time and are not covered by any delivery guarantees.

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    Qty   SKU Description Price

    7" Adaptor / Slip Connector 14"


    30 Degree Galvalume Elbow Kit; DuraTech 7"

    Includes 2 elbows and strap.

    48" Galvanized Chimney Length; DuraTech 7"


    Slip Connector; 7" Dura-Black


    15 Degree Galvalume Elbow Kit; DuraTech 7"

    Includes 2 elbows and strap.

    7" Snap-Lock Stovepipe Adaptor w/Trim


    Round Ceiling Support; DuraTech 7"


    Round Support Trim; Fits DuraTech 7" & 8"


    Square Trim for Round Support Box: 7" or 8" DuraTech

    Special Order- 2wk lead

    Square Ceiling Support: 24" tall; DuraTech 7"


    Square Ceiling Support: 36" tall: 7" DuraTech

    Special Order- 2wk lead

    Finishing Collar; DuraTech 7"

    Necessary in wall thimble installations; does not come with adaptor

    Firestop Shield; DuraTech 7"


    Attic Shield; DuraTech 7"


    Wall Thimble; DuraTech 7"

    Finishing collar needed, not included

    Tee with Cap; DuraTech 7"


    Tee Support; DuraTech 7"


    6" Stainless Steel Chimney Length; DuraTech 7"


    12" Stainless Steel Chimney Length; DuraTech 7"


    18" Chimney Length; DuraTech 7"


    24" Stainless Steel Chimney Length; DuraTech 7"


    36" Stainless Steel Chimney Length; DuraTech 7"


    48" Stainless Steel Chimney Length; DuraTech 7"


    15 Degree Stainless Elbow Kit; DuraTech 7"

    Includes 2 elbows and strap.

    30 Degree Stainless Elbow Kit; DuraTech 7"

    Includes 2 elbows and strap.

    Elbow Strap, Galvanized; DuraTech 7"


    Wall Strap; DuraTech 7"


    Roof Support; DuraTech 7"


    Roof Support Trim 0/12-3/12; DuraTech 7"

    Special Order- 2wk lead

    Roof Support Trim 4/12-6/12; DuraTech 7"

    Special Order- 2wk lead

    Roof Support Trim 7/12-9/12; DuraTech 7"

    SP-9548C (280407)
    Special Order- 2wk lead

    Roof Support Trim 9/12-12/12; DuraTech 7"

    Special Order- 2wk lead

    Flat Roof Flashing; DuraTech 7"

    Aluminum, storm collar not included

    7-12/12 Roof Flashing; DuraTech 7"

    Aluminum, storm collar not included

    13/12-18/12 Pitch Roof Flashing: 7"  DuraTech

    Special Order- 2wk lead

    Chase Top Flashing:  7" Dura Tech

    Special Order- 2wk lead

    19/12-24/12 Pitch Roof Flashing: 7" DuraTech

    Special Order- 2wk lead

    0-6/12 Roof Flashing; DuraTech 7"

    Aluminum; storm collar not included

    Extended Roof Bracket; DuraTech 7"


    Locking Band: 7" Dura Tech


    Storm Collar; Fits DuraTech 7 & 8"


    Universal Rubber Boot Flashing kit


    Rain Cap; DuraTech 7"


    Universal Metal Roof Flashing kit; SuperPro


    Base Tee:  7" Dura Tech

    Special Order- 2wk lead

    Anchor Plate; DuraTech 7"


    Double Base Tee:  7" Dura Tech

    Special Order- 2wk lead

    HomeSaver Black Paint For Stainless

    Withstands heat up to 1200 degrees F.

    Rutland/AW Perkins High Temp Silicone Sealant ; 500° ; 10.3 oz

    ATHH-76 (742001)

    7" Close Clearance Adaptor


    Rutland High Temp Silicone Sealant ; 500° ; 2.7 oz

    Out Of Stock