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HomeSaver UltraPro 316 Ti Alloy

Our Products: Chimney Supplies > Flexible Chimney Liner > HomeSaver UltraPro 316 Ti Alloy
HomeSaver UltraPro 316 Ti Alloy

UltraPro Chimney Liner


    When we at Hart's Hearth first introduced quite a few years ago, we were really excited about HomeSaver's .005" thick UltraPro 316Ti Alloy Stainless Steel Chimney Liner because it just doesn't kink!  The fact is, no one who has field tested UltraPro, have ever seen a light chimney liner that is so incredibly easy to uncoil and snake down a chimney (compared to other liners). 
    When you see people uncoiling any of the stiff, unfriendly competitive chimney liners and then watch them take a coil of UltraPro out of the box — the difference is like watching two guys wrestling with an Anaconda versus a child playing with a slinky.
     As if to add insult to injury, virtually anyone can crush other brands of .005" pipe with their bare hands. But even the most muscular handyman, mason or chimney professional would struggle to do the same to UltraPro Chimney Liner. 
    Why? It's because of HomeSaver's patented design. The UltraPro  corrugations are almost perpendicular to the long axis of the pipe. That "I-beam like" design provides "I-beam like" strength. The corrugations of other .005" brands are more like soft hills. That's why they have so little resistance to being crushed. 
   316 Ti-Alloy UltraPro has that rare combination of flexibility and strength. These are supreme qualities for a chimney liner: strength to resist damage during installation and repeated cleanings, strength to resist the fury of a chimney fire, and flexibility that makes it easier than other liners to uncoil, wrap, and slide down a flue. 
   UltraPro Chimney Liner comes in 5" - 8" diameters, including 5.5", and is available in kits, precut lengths, or custom lengths. And of course we can have it ovalized for
you right in the warehouse.
   Improved Lifetime Warranty
Naturally, UltraPro is UL Listed when installed according to the instructions and comes with a lifetime warranty. However, that warranty is actually longer than lifetime because it is fully transferable to future owners of the home where UltraPro is installed. In fact, this improved warranty now applies to all HomeSaver liners.

The Bargain Hunter's Liner System 
  HomeSaver's main mission was to build quality and convenience into UltraPro, but we wanted to offer it at a price that would make you smile. We have priced UltraPro a whole lot lower than even original HomeSaver Pro. The only thing that makes this liner system a lower grade than HomeSaver Pro (in our opinion), is the thinner 24 ga. Collar Plate and rain cap  vs.  the thicker HomeSaver Pro 18 ga. Top Plate and heavy duty Guardian Cap. The pipe and all other components are of the highest quality. So again, Hart's Hearth gives you a quality product, for a low price, along with all the best Product and Tech Support you'll need!


Band Connections Only
One requirement of UltraPro components is that all the fittings be made by band connections. Screws or rivets should not be used. That's why HomeSaver redesigned the basic components for UltraPro so that everything except the tee cover attaches with a hose clamp. It makes life a lot easier and you don't have to fumble with screws or rivets. Very cool.

Download the installation instructions. (pdf format; 430kb)

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