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Chimney Pipe Tutorial

About Chimney Pipe

    There are several different types of chimney. We will try to narrow down what your needs are on this page and send you to the right area where you will find what you need.

     If you are sure of what chimney you want, then go to the menu on the left and mouse-over:
"Chimney Systems" for wood, oil, coal, and some gas appliances.
"Gas Chimney Supplies" for venting most gas appliances
"Pellet & Corn Stove" for pellet and corn burning appliances.

Unsure of what you need? Read on....
     If you want to skip the reasons for using Class-A chimney and get down to choosing which to use, click here. If not read on....

      We've had many people call asking for stove pipe and after talking to them, we have found what they really wanted was chimney. Stovepipe only goes from your appliance to the ceiling or wall, that's where chimney takes over. You need the insulating power of Class-A stainless steel chimney to go through the wall or ceiling all the way up past the roof. Besides it being to code, it is the safest thing to do.
      Even though "grandpa used to do it that way", sticking a single wall pipe out of a window and up to the roof is very dangerous. Codes call for an 18" clearance to combustibles for single wall pipe, and for good reason. Even though that single wall pipe may work fine for a while, it is what can happen and will happen that brings those clearances into existence in the code books.
       Always keep in mind that all codes are set up for you to be safe in a "worse case scenario". Worse case scenario for a chimney is a chimney fire. That single wall pipe turns cherry red during a chimney fire that burns around 2000 - 2500degrees F. Anything combustible within 16 inches of that glowing red single wall pipe can catch on fire, which would be your house.
      Using single wall pipe also increases the chance for chimney fire because it collects much more creosote than does an insulated chimney. The colder the chimney, the more creosote adheres to it. You may think you are getting away cheap by using single wall pipe, but as many have found out, losing your home, or even a family member, due to using single wall pipe is alot more costly than the right type of chimney.

     Class-A stainless steel chimney has clearances down to 2" to combustibles. Which means that even during a chimney fire, combustibles that are 2" or more away from the chimney will be safe. Check out our
Typical Chimney Installation Diagrams to get an idea how Class-A chimney is installed.

     Look, all of us handymen fudge on things around the house to a degree; some put tar on a roof instead of replacing a shingle, caulk a bad angle in some molding we installed, etc. But when it comes to venting an appliance which can be very dangerous, we need to stick to code. It is not something to fudge on.

Types and brands of Chimney:
When you find the chimney you will want to use, download any and all installation instructions (you will find links for them on their respective pages) and read over them. Look over our FAQ pages to find answers to the most frequently asked questions.

Class-A Chimney; For All Fuels All are UL Listed to the 103HT Standard
  • Olympia Chimney's VENTIS Chimney: Within the past couple of years, Ventis Chimney has moved up into our "TOP CHOICE" Chimney Spot. This brand is now the only brand chimney that Hart's Hearth & Homestead installs with our local chimney services here in Eastern North Carolina. The folks at Olympia have out done themselves by having butt-seam welded seams in all their chimney pipe inside liners. You have a choice of either 304 alloy, or 316 alloy for the ID (we know of no one else that offers this) PLUS HH&H and Olympia also offer powder coating for the exterior of the chimney in 7 different colors! (also unheard of in this industry!). There is so much more to Ventis that makes it our Top Choice out of ALL chimneys! Comes in 5" through 8". Forever Warranty
  • DuraVent DuraTech: This chimney is our Second Choice out of all Class-A chimneys. We have seen many brands out there in the field and have found that DuraTech is second only to Olympia's Ventis Chimney. When it comes to durability, insulating factors, and long lasting properties, DuraTech has a long lived reputation. The biggest plus we have seen is its ability to recover from a chimney fire. Where other brands buckle under the heat and become useless, DuraTech expands then contracts to its original shape, allowing it to be used again. Comes in 5" up to 16" ID. 25+ Year Warranty
  • Dura/Plus: Made by DuraVent, it is a good chimney, but is a triple wall chimney and takes up more room when going up through your home. Comes in 6 & 8" ID. , 25 year warranty.
  • Security Chimney: Even though the company has been bought and sold several times, Security has been around for quite some time (35 + Years). As many chimney manufacturers have come and gone in the past 30 years, Security has stuck it out. Security has a strong commitment from many professionals. Comes in 6 & 8" only; 30 year warranty.
  • SuperPro: 304Alloy ID, Manufactured by Supervent Products, this chimney has made great strides in improvement over the years. So much so, that we can honestly say this is a high quality product. Comes in 6, 7, & 8" ID; Lifetime Warranty
Pellet Stove Chimney:
  • Pellet Vent: Made by DuraVent, this chimney is the only vent we carry for pellet stoves, But will soon be carrying Ventis brand. PelletVent Comes in 3 & 4" ID; 25 year warranty
Gas Appliance Chimney:
  • DirectVent GS: This chimney/gas vent is used for the newer type gas appliances which use outside air for combustion. Check your appliance instructions to see if this is the chimney you will need. Comes in 4 & 5" ID; 10 year warranty.
  • Type-B Gas Vent: Made by DuraVent, this gas vent is for category 1 gas appliances or or when ever B-Vent specified on the appliance label. Check your appliance instructions to see what you will need. Comes in 3, 4, 5, & 6" ID; 25 year warranty

Call Product and Tech Support only after you have exhausted all the information on our site and from the downloaded instructions. Please read the Support Policies to get an idea what we require for free support.

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