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Chimney Liner Tutorial

Relining your chimney with either flexible chimney liner or rigid chimney lining can usually be done by a competent do-it-yourselfer with some common sense. We provide all the instructions via download so you can look at the installation process before you buy. We also supply you with a FAQs page for you to go over, you may find an answer to any question you may there.

A note about some of the cheap chimney liner out there on the Internet; Please don't look at price alone, look at all the aspects of the liner, installation, and what type of product and tech support you will receive. Look at all the specifications for their product, like Crush Test Rates for instance, and compare with other liners. Just look at the images of their liner and components and compare them to ours, you will see a huge difference in quality of stainless steel just in the pictures! Your family's safety is the most important thing and saving a couple of bucks on a cheap chimney liner is not worth the risk. Don't forget, a chimney liner vents poison gases from your home. If it fails, it can change your life forever, and that is putting it mildly. If you want to buy cheap, buy something cheap that will not harm your family if it fails. Do not buy a chimney liner because it is cheaper than another, buy because of quality and durability. We have been installing HomeSaver and Heat-Fab liners for over 20 years without one failure in all that time.

If you know exactly what you want, then click through the categories to the left starting at "Chimney Supplies" and select the type of liner you want to use.

If you are unsure of what you would like to use or even how to pick what liner you may need, read on.........

First, read through the Relining FAQ page to get an answer to the most Frequently Asked Questions. Next, come back here and read on.

We have two types of stainless chimney liner: Rigid and Flexible. There are many variables to choosing what type, size, and stainless alloy liner. Let's start with size:

Size is one of the most important aspects. One needs to be able to fit the liner down the existing chimney as well as match the exhaust size of the appliance you are venting. Measure the exhaust on your appliance, this is the size you will need to reline with. Only in the case of a very tall chimney, around 30 feet, would you be able to consider downsizing. Now, measure the existing chimney opening in your chimney. Do not guess, guessing the inside diameter of your chimney never works. Measure, Measure, and measure again. You will need, at a minimum, 1 inch larger chimney inside dimension than the size reline pipe you want to use. The chimney needs to maintain that clearance all the way down to where you will come out to the stove with the liner (i.e.; 6" liner - 7" ID chimney, minimum). The larger the chimney ID the better, more clearance means you will be able to add the strongly suggested insulation

Alloy is the strength of stainless steel to resist corrosion. The following fuels should be matched with following alloys:
Wood, Pellet: 304, 316, 321 or 316Ti alloy
Coal, Oil, gas (cat, 1): 316 or 316Ti Alloy
Gas (category 2 or 3): AL29-4C Alloy

Typeof chimney liner depends on what your application is. We have rigid or flexible:

Rigid Chimney Liner is the best because of the smooth walls and thick welded seam walls. But because it has to be assembled as it is installed, it creates problems in some applications. Tall chimneys and chimneys with bends and offsets are best relined with flexible. We carry one brand of Rigid Chimney Liner for relining a chimney for wood, pellet, coal, and oil appliances:
  • Heat-Fab Saf-T Liner Is the best rigid liner right now for relining your chimney We carry 304 and 316 alloy in the Saf-T Liner along with Saf-T Wrap insulation that matches the liner. We have used this liner in many relines and it always performs great! Comes in 5 - 12" diameter in 304 alloy and 5-8" diameter in 316 alloy.

Flexible Chimney Liner is the most popular because of the ease of installation. The small "riggies" of the flex liner do collect a little more creosote than the smooth walled rigid, but not that much more to be concerned about. The following flexible liners are available here at Hart's Hearth:

*Click here for Flexible Liner Typical Installation Diagrams.

  • HomeSaver RoundFlex:Available in 304 Alloy or 316 Alloy, it is our most heavy duty round flexible chimney liner. Weighing in at a hefty 4.2 lbs a foot for 8" diameter, it is not for a one man install. 1/4" larger OD.
  • HomeSaver Pro:Round 316Ti Alloy, great for all fuels, is lightweight because of the titanium (less than a pound a foot for 6"), and easy for one man to install. This liner is our Top Choice over all. It even comes in complete kits from 5.5" to 8" diameters! 3/8" larger OD
  • HomeSaver UltraPro: Round 316Ti Alloy. Just about the same as the Pro, but with lighter weight components. At the lowest price, this is the bargain hunter's liner. Complete kits are available from 3" to 8" diameter. 3/8" larger OD
  • Ventinox HiFlex:Round 321 Alloy. Some customers like Ventinox products. We carry this HiFlex Chimney Lining for them. 1/2" larger OD
  • Ventinox Round 316 Ti-Alloy . Again, This 316 Ti Chimney Lining is for those customers who prefer Ventinox liners. 1/2" larger OD
  • HomeSaver OvalFlex: Available in 304 or 316 Alloy Stainless. Oval pipe is great to use when your existing chimney interior is a rectangle shape and will not allow a round liner down to match up with the exhaust on your stove. Best suited for an appliance exhaust of 6 or 8".
  • Ventinox Oval 321 Alloy: Has a few special sizes not found with Homesaver OvalFlex. If you can't find it in the OvalFlex, look here, you may find it.
  • RectangleFlex: A new inovation from HomeSaver; Rectangle, flexible, stainless steel liner! If you want to reline a fireplace chimney to still use the fireplace as a fireplace (not install a woodstove like many do), then this rectangle, flexible liner is what you need. Many different sizes to choose from , comes in 304 and 316 alloy.
  • Flex Liners for Gas Appliances:We carry a full line of flexible liners just for gas appliances. Aluminum liners are included, but really not recommended. We suggest you always reline with stainless and never have to mess with it again.

There you have our complete line of chimney liners. If you cannot find what you need in our offerings, we doubt it even exists, but you may call us and ask.

We carry a great line of high quality chimney liners and our Product and Tech Support is second to none! Why go anywhere else for your chimney needs?

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