DuraTech HT103   Class-A Chimney System by M&G Dura-Vent  THE ULTIMATE CLASS-A CHIMNEY SYSTEM   Now FULLY warranted to the Internet purchaser by Hart’s Hearth Inc.!!!      Talk about innovation - DuraTech sets a whole new standard in qualitydesign, and performance for chimney systems.      Using a compressed blanket insulation, DuraTech keeps the outer wall of the chimney cool while ensuring high flue gas temperatures for optimum draft performance.     Encased between dual walls of stainless steel, Thermal Tech blanket insulation is locked into position. This eliminates hot spots common with loose-fill type insulation. No sifting, settling, or dangerous voids.      In the event of a creosote fire, compressible blanket insulation permits the chimney liners to expand outward in a radial direction. DuraTech's free floating inner liner design also permits the liner to expand in a lengthwise direction. This eliminates buckling and loss of structural integrity associated with solid-pack type chimney.      DuraTech Chimney is available in 5", 6", 7", and 8" diameters in 6", 12", 18", 24", 36", and 48" lengths. And in 10" and 12" diameter it is available in 12", 24", and 36" lengths. We also carry, on a special order basis, 14" and 16" diameter chimney. Note: We are referring to inner diameters here. Outer diameter is 2" larger.      DuraTech 2100° Chimney has been tested and listed to the UL 103 HT standard, UL File #MH7399. Designed for normal continuous operation at 1000° F flue gas temperatures, DuraTech (5" - 8" diameters) has been subjected to rigorous and stringent UL testing including one hour at 1400° F, plus three ten- minute chimney fire tests at 2100° F. DuraTech 1700° F Chimney (10", 12", 14", and 16" diameters) has been tested and listed to the UL 1700° F test standard.      CHECK OUT THE FEATURES AND BENEFITS OF OUR UL- LISTED DURATECH CHIMNEY:  Here's how DuraTech stacks up against SuperPro, Security, and Excel Chimney.  · Twist-lock construction. No need for mechanical fasteners, DuraTech has the advantage over Excel Chimney here. (10" - 16" ID fasten together with screws) · Fully encased insulation. Excel doesn't have it. And with DuraTech there is no dealing with parts coated with insulation dust as with SuperPro or Security. Wow!  · Swivel Elbows. Only DuraTech has 'em. When you have to go around obstructions like rafters, ridge poles, or joists, you've got to use elbows. But rigid elbows can really mess up your planned termination point for the chimney. Well with DuraTech's Swivel Elbows, you can swivel the base of the elbow to make things come out right.  · Weight. DuraTech is half the weight of SuperPro or Security making it easier to install.  Made in the USA. DuraTech is proudly made in Vacaville, CA.. American craftsmanship at its best!    DuraTech wins hands down. All of these great features and benefits qualify DuraTech as the best class-A chimney on the market. Nothing compares to it . Nothing.       There is however one huge problem with DuraVent's DuraTech; M&G DuraVent refuses to warrant the product if it is installed by a D.I.Y.er like most of our customers are. Here is what they require we place on our website:    "M&G DuraVent provides no warranty for the following professional products if such products are not installed by a trained professional installer: DuraTech®, DuraPlus HTC®, DuraChimney® II, PelletVent Pro®, DirectVent Pro®, FasNSeal®, FasNSeal® W2, FasNSeal® Flex, and PolyPro®, and M&G DuraVent’s relining products including DuraLiner®, DuraFlex® (SW, Pro, 316, 304), and Ventinox®."       BUT NOW.... DuraTech IS FULLY warranted to the Internet purchaser by Hart’s Hearth Inc.!!!   That’s right, Hart’s Hearth now picks up the warranty where Duravent has failed to provide one, to you, the Do-It-Yourselfer! NO ONE ELSE on the Internet will provide a warranty for DuraTech Purchases made on the internet, only us here at Hart’s Hearth Inc. will provide you a warranty. We provide the same warranty as DuraVent provides for professional installations except for coal burning applications. Download Hart’s Hearth Inc. DuraTech Warranty.Have questions about this warranty? Go to our Support Form and ask, we will return an answer within 72 hours.     Dura-Vent DuraTech - engineering excellence and made in the USA, Plus Hart's Hearth's strong product and installation support, Full Warranty and great price! It's the smart choice!      But wait, that's not all! We now have chimney sizes 5 - 8 inch in our Build-To-Order Kit System! Kits ready to go or customize. Read more about our Build-To-Order System by clicking on the link at the top of this page or click on a size you are interested in below.      Before you order: Check out our Typical Chimney Installation Diagrams to get an idea how Class-A chimney is installed and Download 5" to 8" installation instructions (1.06 mb PDF) or the 10" to 16" instructions to familiarize yourself installing a Class-A Chimney. Make all measurements twice and make your plan. Write down all parts, part numbers, and quantity needed to build your chimney. Chimney parts are NOT returnable, so please make sure you plan your chimney well. Call us if you are unsure of what you need.      Are you ready to look at pricing and order? Choose the size you are interested in below:  5" Inside diameter Duratech individual components  5" ID Diameter Build-To-Order DuraTech Chimney Kits;  5" Through-The-Ceiling Chimney Kit  5" Through-The-Ceiling Chimney Kit; for 2 or more story building  5" Through-The-Wall Chimney Kit  6" Inside diameter Duratech individual components  6" ID Diameter Build-To-Order DuraTech Chimney Kits;  6" Through-The-Ceiling Chimney Kit  6" Through-The-Ceiling Chimney Kit; for 2 or more story building  6" Through-The-Wall Chimney Kit  7" Inside diameter Duratech individual components  7" ID Diameter Build-To-Order DuraTech Chimney Kits;  7" Through-The-Ceiling Chimney Kit  7" Through-The-Wall Chimney Kit  8" Inside diameter Duratech individual components  8" ID Diameter Build-To-Order DuraTech Chimney Kits;  8" Through-The-Ceiling Chimney Kit  8" Through-The-Ceiling Chimney Kit; for 2 or more story building  8" Through-The-Wall Chimney Kit  10" Inside diameter Duratech individual components  12" Inside diameter Duratech individual components  14" Inside diameter Duratech individual components  16" Inside diameter Duratech individual components 
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