Hart's Hearth & Homestead Chimney Supplies       If you know exactly what you are looking for, choose from the menu on the left.  If you are unsure, we will try to walk you through a few questions down below to get you where you need to go.  We suggest in any case that you read through the FAQ pages to find answers to many of your questions.      We try to make Hart's Hearth website an informative site as well as a place you can get all your chimney needs. We pride ourselves in our top notch Product and Tech Support, but we must ask you to go through the wealth of information on this site before calling or emailing our Support Team.        Most items we offer in our Chimney Supply section have instructions that we have posted for download.  Please download and read any instructions for the product you are interested in. They will help you gain knowledge about the project you about to start.      We want you to head into your project fully knowledgeable on what you are about to do. We will supply you with the best products out on the market to do the job properly and to make your installation one that will last your lifetime. After you read and learn all you can learn from this site, we are here to back you and your project up with our Product and Tech Support Team who will be able to answer any of your lingering questions. Before you call or email Support, read through our Support Policies. The policies help us help you and others more efficiently and in a timely manner, even during our peak months. Now on to the questions.....     Are you looking for stovepipe to hook up from your woodstove to your chimney? If yes, Click Here  Do you need a stainless chimney liner for your existing chimney? If yes, Click Here  Do you want a cap or cover to keep the rain and animals out of your chimney? If yes, Click Here  Are you looking for chimney pipe to go up through or outside of your house? If yes, Click Here  Are you in need of a damper, either chimney top or replacement cast iron? If Yes, Click Here  Do you need chimney servicing and cleaning supplies such as chimney brushes or rods? If yes, Click Here  Do you want a product to waterproof or repair your masonry chimney? If yes, Click here  Do you need a chimney product for your gas burning appliance? If Yes, Click Here 
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Chimney Pots Don't want a shiny metal cap on top of your chimney? Want something that is more in style with your old home? We carry  Copper Chimney Pots  that will match your home's period. Looking for a clay chimney pot instead of copper? Our friends at ChimneyPot.com have just what you're looking for
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