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6" VENTIS Double Wall Stovepipe

Why choose 6" Ventis® Double Wall Black Stove Pipe from Olympia? The answers are obvious... Olympia Ventis® Double Wall Black 6" StovePipe... The Superior Choice and Hart's Hearth's TOP CHOICE
  • UL Listed to ULC-S641
  • Outer wall is manufactured from Heavy Duty 24- Gauge Satin Coat Black Steel.
  • Inner wall is 430 alloy stainless steel with a .016 thickness
  • Fume-Free™ ... eliminating fumigating effects on initial firing of the appliance.
  • The best selection of Pipe Lengths, Slip Sections, & Telescoping Sections in the industry.
  • Exclusive Thermal Web™ design creates a free air flow that results in a cooler outer pipe temperature.
  • Perfectly Round, Perfect fit pipe to pipe with the use of Olympia's Smooth-Weld™ and precision end forming technology.
  • Backed by a Lifetime Warranty.
"I compared Ventis Double Wall with our old "top choice" DuraVent DVL and Ventis WINS hands down! With the comparable 40' to 68" Telescoping sections, Ventis weighs a whopping 4 lbs more than the DuraVent DVL!. When sliding the telescoping pieces together, the Ventis has not made a scratch yet, but every time I have installed DuraVent DVL slips and telescoping sections, I always had to touchup the paint for the scratches that were made. So many more positives to this pipe..........Ventis Double Wall Stovepipe IS our TOP CHOICE now!"
Alan Hart, President, Hart's Hearth Inc.
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Qty   SKU Description Price

6" DuraTech to Heat-Fab or Ventis Adaptor

You Save: $5.94 (15%)

6” Damper Section; DBL Wall Stovepipe; Ventis


6" Tee with Cap; Ventis Dbl Wall Stovepipe

You Save: $12.56 (15%)

6" x 6" Length; Ventis Dbl Wall Stovepipe

You Save: $6.16 (15%)

6 X 12” length : DBL Wall Stovepipe; Ventis


6" x 18" Length; Ventis Dbl Wall Stovepipe

You Save: $10.35 (15%)

6" x 24" Length; Ventis Dbl Wall Stovepipe

You Save: $12.36 (15%)

6" x 36" Length; Ventis Dbl Wall Stovepipe

You Save: $16.16 (15%)

6" x 48" Length; Ventis Dbl Wall Stovepipe

You Save: $19.00 (15%)

6" Slip Section; 6” Length, Ventis DBL Wall Stovepipe


6" Slip Section; 12" Length; Ventis Dbl Wall Stovepipe

You Save: $9.32 (15%)

6" Slip Section; 18" Length; Ventis Dbl Wall Stovepipe

You Save: $11.52 (15%)

6" X 18-30" Telescoping Section; Ventis Dbl Wall Stovepipe

You Save: $18.90 (15%)

6" X 28-50". Telescoping Section; Ventis Dbl Wall Stovepipe

You Save: $22.51 (15%)

6" X 40-68"Telescoping Section; Ventis Dbl Wall Stovepipe

You Save: $28.25 (15%)
You Save: $8.85 (15%)

6" Elbow 90 Degree Fixed; Ventis Dbl Wall Stovepipe

You Save: $12.27 (15%)

6" Masonry Adapter ; Ventis Dbl Wall Stovepipe

You Save: $8.17 (15%)
You Save: $6.10 (15%)
You Save: $2.07 (15%)
You Save: $6.91 (15%)
You Save: $2.07 (15%)
You Save: $2.47 (15%)
You Save: $4.72 (15%)

VDB  5" to 6" Increaser

You Save: $12.12 (15%)

VDB  6" to 7" Increaser

You Save: $12.12 (15%)

VDB  6" to 8" Increaser

You Save: $12.12 (15%)

VDB  7" to 6" Reducer

You Save: $12.12 (15%)

VDB  8" to 6" Reducer

You Save: $12.12 (15%)
You Save: $0.45 (15%)