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5" UltraPro Pipe and Components


5" UltraPro™ 316Ti Alloy Stainless Steel  Flexible Chimney Liner & Components

   You'll love the user-friendly components that make up our new UltraPro components line. All the components, except the tee cover, are made with bands. No more rivets and screws to fumble with. 

   Also, we've combined the storm collar, top clamp, and top plate into one component. We call it our CollarPlate. On top of that, so to speak, we've created a great new CollarPlate Rain Cap that is just plain better than any other kit rain cap you can buy.

    HomeSaver made their UltraPro liner more flexible without compromising the excellent HomeSaver strength we chimney professionals have known. They've improved their components to make them a snap to use and, we've managed to lower the price of our UltraPro pipe and components. 

    Build your own kit from the components listed below. Download the installation instructions to see what you will need for installation.

    Do not forget the insulation. You need insulation to achieve the UL Listing of 1777 Standard. Besides, insulating improves draft and cuts down on creosote formation. This will be an installation that will last a lifetime, it's best to do it right the first time and be done with it.

   Read more about HomeSaver UltraPro on our information page.

*Click here for Flexible Liner installation diagrams.

  Download UltraPro Installation Instructions (PDF)

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Qty   SKU Description Price

HomeSaver Pro Ovalizing Charge

You Save: $0.22 (7%)

Insulation Kit for 5"x25' HomeSaver-Pro Liner

Includes 0.5" X 21.5" X 25' Foil-Face FlexWrap
You Save: $35.13 (10%)

Rutland/AW Perkins High Temp Silicone Sealant ; 500° ; 10.3 oz

ATHH-76 (742001)

5" Connector-Adaptor with Band; Pro & UltraPro

You Save: $3.50 (7%)

25' 316Ti Liner; HomeSaver Ultra-Pro 5"

You Save: $59.52 (13%)

Rutland High Temp Silicone Sealant ; 500° ; 2.7 oz

Out Of Stock

35' Precut HomeSaver UltraPro 5"

You Save: $83.33 (13%)
You Save: $4.98 (8%)

30' 316Ti Liner; HomeSaver Ultra-Pro 5"

You Save: $71.43 (13%)

5" UltraPro Liner; By-The-Foot

Order 10% more than your measurement.

Component Only Kit; 5" HomeSaver UltraPro

You Save: $24.85 (10%)

5" Tee; Uncrimped Take Off with Band; 316-SS

You Save: $7.97 (7%)

5" Tee Cover; 316 Alloy SS

You Save: $2.42 (7%)

9"x 9" Collarplate; 5" HomeSaver UltraPro

You Save: $2.47 (7%)

13x13 Collarplate; 5" HomeSaver UltraPro

You Save: $2.66 (7%)

13x18 Collarplate; 5" HomeSaver UltraPro

You Save: $3.08 (7%)

18x18 Collarplate; 5" HomeSaver UltraPro

You Save: $3.28 (7%)

Collarplate Rain Cap; 5" UltraPro


5" Top Plate - 9"X9"

You Save: $2.22 (7%)

5" Top Plate-13"x13"

You Save: $2.83 (7%)

5" Top Plate-13"x18"

You Save: $3.94 (7%)

5" Top Plate-18"x18"

You Save: $5.34 (7%)

5" End Cone For HomeSaver Pro / Screw In

You Save: $2.55 (10%)